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, Assalam Alaikum viewers, I hope you are all doing well, I welcome you all to my website 8171 web portal. They are the beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program and now we have also started the Benazir Social Protection Up Accounts. As long as this system is efficient and transparent, the time of Shehbaz Sharif is over now. A big announcement from the government has been left for the last. Gradually, the Shehbaz government has given a big relief to the people. How can you open your account under Benazir Social Protection Account on August 15? Will the second installment of Rs. Will let you know the complete details.before this, the government of Shahbaz Sharif has finally ended, now Shahbaz Sharif and other leaders have taken their sacks and left for home. How do you like Shahbaz’s government, good or bad? If you like it, then write good. If you don’t like it, then write bad. Go to the comment and send us your question. All our friends, friends, whether it is good or bad, you must answer in the comment section. is to find out which people like this government or which people liked Imran Khan’s previous government, so now we want to move on to our main topic. Benazir Social Protection Account is being launched to facilitate and transparent Benazir Income Support Program stipend payments, eligible women will be able to open their account from any bank.


Now, we had already told this to the Bankup before. Those of you who want to open your account, please open your account as soon as possible. The second installment of the upcoming Benazir Income Support Program is going to be provided to you from the bank account as well. The total support program has been increased by 72%, the number of beneficiaries has been increased from 72 lakhs to more than 90 lakhs. We will not get money except our money in the account, we are also eligible, so let me tell you, if you do not open your account in the bank, then there is no policy from the government that the reason for not opening your money account. will be shut down, not at all.

I think this may happen in the near future, the government may issue this policy, this was a big question, so you have already told the names of five different banks, you can open your account in them. While the government has now left, now the second installment is going to start formally, this is a great relief, which is the last relief the government is going to give. The news is being posted from various sources of the government that the installment series will start on August 15. It will be started but still not confirmed by the official sources of the government, the notification has not come yet, as soon as there is a notification, hopefully you will get the new episode between 20th and 22nd. As soon as we receive any new updates, we will also send them to you

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