Big Updates About BISP From Caretaker

Big Updates About BISP From Caretaker

Assalam Alaikum viewers, I welcome you to my website 8171 web portal. Viewers have also released the ration scheme of the caretaker government and about the eligibility of this new ration scheme, messages have also been started from 8171 but so far

. No clear notification has been issued by this government regarding the installment of 9000 rupees in the sponsorship program as to when this installment will start or if these installments will continue as per their schedule or if there will be any changes in them.

Will update you fully when these installments are starting and the ration subsidy people have started getting and which people will not get this ration and the caretaker government as well as the huge increase in the prices of petrolum products. has been done.

Big Updates About BISP From Caretaker

So now what will the caretaker government do in this regard, it will provide new subsidies to the people in the same way, that is, we have already told you that the caretaker government does not have much power to sign the main projects and that Run new aid programs, whatever increase is happening, whatever inflation is happening,

you will have to bear it. Run a relief program for the poor people to reduce the cost but till now no announcement of Petrol Diesel Subsidy has been made and no notification has come out in this regard. Don’t be fooled by blackmail regarding petrol subsidies in the group. If any program starts, inform you through multiple channels.

Big Updates About BISP From Caretaker

Viewers, let us now tell you that many people are asking about the new ration scheme that Shahbaz Sharif launched this scheme but now his government has ended, so will this new ration scheme also end? No, the programs that the previous government has run, whether it is the sponsorship program, the ration scheme, the educational scholarships or the development program, then all these welfare programs will continue to run.

Neither the caretaker government by itself can make any modifications or changes or close these aid packages, that is, the installments of the sponsorship program will also be provided to all people as per the earlier schedule and the installments will be provided in September. In the last few weeks, it is expected to be released in which the installments of the sponsorship program as well as the installments of educational scholarships will also be released and the ration scheme will also be launched.

Ahsaas Rashan Start 

Many people have now also received messages from 8171 that Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif is giving a gift of ration subsidy to the poor people in view of rising inflation. Such messages are being received by those who have PMT score of 40 or above Few people who have received this message from 8171 should take their message and their original identity card to their nearest utility store and get ration subsidy from there. 8171 messages will not be received on NOR’s network.

Big Updates About BISP From Caretaker

Those who have not yet received the message from 8171 should check their PMT score. Regarding checking PMT score, we have already told you that you can go to it by searching the app utility store pmt online on Google and through your ID card.

You can check your PMT score if your PMT score is 40 or less then you are also a part of the ration scheme and those who have received messages from 8171 should get their ration from the nearest utility store. PMT score is more than 40, these people will not be eligible for the ration scheme. All such people are requested to do their dynamic survey from their nearest bisp office. to be included in the scheme.

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