BISP 10000 Ki Kist Kb Mily GI

Hello viewers I hope you are all well. I welcome you to my website. Today we are going to inform you about the most important information regarding the sponsorship program in your opinion, for all those who have not yet participated in it. All these people who have not yet registered are worried about going to the office or the office is far, so now all your worries are over, the government has announced a project under which you need to go to the office. It will not happen, that is, we are talking about mobile registration, which can be registered at home after today. Howcan you do it? What is the procedure?

Dear viewers this is a great news for all those who are still ineligible or want to do dynamic survey or are under verification and want to register but here office is far away they can’t go or something else. For such people who cannot leave their homes due to problems, the government of Pakistan has come up with a huge offer and under this new program, Hajjas is clearly mentioned by the Chairperson of Benazir Program, Dr. Shazia Marri, 25 in Sindh. It has been inaugurated in the districts and it is making this mobile scheme with the support of German. The car will go and all the people in the car will be informed that all the people who are poor have a poverty score of less than 37 and their monthly income is less than 50 thousand rupees. Go and get your registration done, they will come to you to register yourself, that’s why it has been issued in 25 districts of Sindh and along with this it has been issued in four districts of Balochistan and it is It will be issued all over Pakistan and this program has been started with the support of German

it is also said that the payment up which will be issued in the future should also be issued under the same system. So that you don’t have to go anywhere, this has also come up in one of the suggestions, but this is very good news for all those who could not go to the office due to some unpleasant reasons. There are some women who the poor have There is no one to go home, so now you can get your own stations at home and the status has been extended till December 31, so even now if you do not register, it will be your ineligibility, so whenever you If you want to get any mobile phone service at your home, you have to do the mandatory registration. It has been released in 25 Azla and four districts of Balochistan, and will be released in more districts. This is a very big update, I thought you should share it with people. Yes, it is a very big update. Everyone will benefit from it.

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