BISP Dynamic Survey Online Registration New Update 2023-24

BISP Dynamic Survey

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ehsaas Program 8171.Online. We are pleased to inform you that the deadline for registering in the dynamic survey of the Benazir Income Support Program has been announced. If you were previously ineligible or faced restrictions for receiving installments, here’s your chance to rectify that. We understand that mistakes were made during the registration process, but we have worked closely with the BISP management to simplify the procedure.

Allow me to guide you through the concise process, so pay close attention to the details provided. Following these steps will ensure a successful registration, and you can expect your PMT score to improve as a result, God willing.

Within this post, I will explain the procedure and also provide you with a link for your convenience. Now, let’s delve into the dynamic survey of the Benazir Income Support Program. Here’s what you need to do: Before heading to the location for your dynamic survey, you might receive a message from 8171 prompting you to schedule your dynamic survey on a specific date.

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BISP Dynamic Survey

BISP Dynamic Survey 2023

Upon arrival at the top-priority destination, the initial step entails a visit to the BISP office’s dynamic registration desk. Here, presenting your ID card and the children’s form to the current staff stationed at the desk is imperative.

Following this, the process involves adhering to two specific instructions. As delineated in instruction number three, the staff present at the desk will furnish you with a novel survey token or an updated one. Subsequently, in accordance with instruction number four, your next move is to proceed to the registration room as indicated by the token.

Once you’ve reached this stage, instruction number five necessitates engaging with the data input module in the designated app focused on social and economic concerns.

Upon satisfactorily completing the requirements outlined in instruction number six, a confirmation will be required through a thumb impression. Transitioning to instruction number seven, you can anticipate receiving both a survey receipt and a confirming message via the number 8171.

Subsequent to a comprehensive verification process delineated in instruction number eight, families meeting the eligibility criteria will be notified of their eligibility through a message originating from the number 8171.

Importantly, I’d like to draw your attention to a critical technical detail. When initiating your registration survey, it is of paramount importance to utilize your own number, which consistently remains associated with your identity. This number should belong to a network other than Telenor, as the Benazir Income Support Program does not recognize Telenor numbers. Over time, due to changes made by the BISP management, messages sent via Telenor numbers are no longer being received.

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BISP Dynamic Survey

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