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Assalam Alaikum, I hope you are all doing well. I welcome you all to my website 8171. A special gift of Ration Program Targeted Subsidy to the people on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day from the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Mian Muhammad Shubaz Shreef. Which has been formally started Ration program at utility stores will be informed in full details and updates Many families are eligible for this program Good news for you whose PMT poverty The score is up to 40, they can join it, Cupp will be able to check their poverty score themselves and you will know that you are eligible for Ehsaas Kafalat Benazir, Kafalat, Children’s Education Scholarship or Ration Program. or are not.


I would like to mention two important things here that this is a special gift of subsidy target subsidy for the whole country from the former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif who formally started this program on August 11 before the dissolution of the assemblies. which has started from today let you know that if your score goes up to 32 when you check then it means that you are eligible for Ehsaas or Benazir Kafala for children’s education scholarships. 32 or below 32 If the score is between 32 and 37 and you have a special person in your household, you may still be eligible for the sponsorship program if the score is 40 or below. So in the ration program, a 10 kg bag of flour is Rs 648 and 20 kg of flour per family who is eligible for the program will be able to buy ghee at Rs 353 per kg and five kg up monthly. A family can take what it is eligible for. Sugar is Rs.100 per kg and five kg a family can take per month. Asia Atta Ghee Add Sugar Rice is being provided at the lowest rate.Households registered under Benazir Income Support Program whose poverty score is less than or equal to 40 PMT 40 can avail subsidy from this program Link Up for Subsidy Eligibility It has been given to computerize your identity card at the counter to get subsidy and special counters are also being set up at the utility store for the convenience of the people Benazir Income Support, BISP program registration contract camp at the utility store. Non-registered users who are registered should contact the nearest BISP effectiveness centers for registration. Other public users can make all kinds of purchases at normal prices from stores across the country without any conditions. U is the most important update. What we have delivered so far is the start of the utility store program.

Apart from this there is no other way now your PMT question was. How Scoreup to check so that you can understand the complete method Waverup can also check on your mobile in the same way Utility stores to buy in standard or proper name Search PMT score in ration program From this side, the biggest benefit you will get with the ration program is that you will be able to check your score for Ehsaas Kafalat or Benazir Kafalat which you are contacting us to get checked from different places in the office. If you go, they don’t check you there and also you face problems at different places. UR PMB Support 22.7 The biggest advantage according to me is PMT score checking, people know. It will go to check what our PMT score is so that they can do the next survey or think of something to reduce the score. If you want to know more, then we are here. This is the way to die. It’s done.

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