Ehsaas Sila-e-Fun Program:

Ehsaas Sila-e-Fun Program:

 Ehsaas Sila-e-Fun Program  Elderly Artists through Social Protection

In Punjab,Sila-e-Fun Program the challenges of income insecurity among the elderly and disabled have been identified as significant issues by the Punjab Social Protection Policy. Addressing these challenges is essential for fostering a society that values its elders and ensures their well-being. The International Labour Organization’s Recommendation 202 (2012) underscores the importance of protecting the basic income of elderly individuals, making social security a pivotal destination

 However, a glaring exception exists in Pakistan, where no social pension scheme has been established for the elderly.

 While,Sila-e-Fun Program in countries like Bangladesh, India, and neighboring nations initiated social pension schemes as far back as the 1990s, Pakistan has yet to follow suit. The absence of such a scheme prompted the need for a robust cash transfer program – the Sila-e-Fun Program – that takes responsibility for the welfare of the elderly.Ehsaas Sila-e-Fun Program

The Genesis of Sila-e-Fun Program

The Sila-e-Fun Program is not just a program; it’s a testament to valuing the contributions of elderly artists and those with disabilities. Recognizing the essential role of artists in preserving cultural heritage and enriching society, the Punjab Social Protection Authority has taken a pioneering step. Launched across all 36 districts of Punjab, the Sila-e-Fun Program bridges the gap for elderly artists who have dedicated over 25 years of their lives to various artistic fields.

Nurturing Artistic Legacy Ehsaas in Sila-e-Fun Program

The Sila-e-Fun Program is an unconditional cash transfer initiative aimed at acknowledging the services rendered by elderly artists and financially needy individuals who have profoundly impacted fields like film, TV, literature, poetry, journalism, cinema, music, and painting. Artists who have crossed the age of fifty will be entitled to receive a monthly pension of Rs 5,000, provided their monthly income remains below Rs. 15,000 ofEhsaas Sila-e-Fun Program

Objectives of the Program

The Sila-e-Fun Program is designed with a multifaceted purpose in mind, centered around improving the social and economic welfare of Punjab’s population, particularly its financially vulnerable artists who have dedicated their lives to various artistic endeavors. The primary goals of the program include:

Elevating the Social Status :: The program seeks to elevate the social involvement and status of poor and financially weaker artists by providing them with dignified social assistance.

Economic Empowerment Sila-e-Fun Program:: The initiative aims to alleviate the economic hardships faced by impoverished elderly and needy artists, thus promoting their well-being.

Fostering a Support Network Sila-e-Fun Program:: By bringing together artists who have devoted their lives to their respective crafts, the program encourages mutual support among poor elders and struggling artists.

Making a Difference in Sila-e-Fun Program:

The Sila-e-Fun Program has already made a significant impact. With over 2034 deserving artists benefitting from this initiative, the program’s reach and influence continue to expand. The financial relief and recognition provided by the program have eased the burdens of countless individuals who have dedicated themselves to artistic pursuits.

Eligibility Criteria Sila-e-Fun Program:

Not everyone is eligible for the Sila-e-Fun Program. To ensure that the program caters to those who need it most, specific criteria have been established for joining:

Age Requirement: Artists above fifty years of age are eligible to join the program.

  •  Years of Experience: Applicants must have at least 25 years of experience in their relevant artistic field.
  • Income Limit: Monthly income should not exceed 15 thousand rupees.
  • National Identity: Applicants must possess a valid national identity card number from Pakistan.
  • Residency: Applicants should be residents of districts within Punjab.

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FAQs for Sila-e-Fun Program:

How to Apply for the Sila- e-Fun Program?

apply for the Sila-e-Fun Program, visit the official online web portal. During the application process, you will need to provide information such as your CNIC number, disability details, and more.

What Exactly is the Sila-e-Fun Program

Sila-e-Fun is an unconditional cash transfer program. Initiated by the Punjab Social Protection Authority, this program has been launched across 36 districts of Punjab to provide essential financial support to elderly artists and those in need.


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