Good News 9000 Payment Start From 25 August?

Good News 9000 Payment Start From 25 August;

New Updates about Ahsaas  kafalat

Assalam Alaikum viewers, I welcome you to my website 8171 web portal, is Benazir Kafalat program 9,000 rupees installment starting from 25th August, is the second installment of Kafalat program is going to start from this month. You will be informed about the update. First of all, we will update you about the ration. Many people are thinking negatively about this program. What is the truth about this program? What we are telling you is that Chota Mota program is not a big program under which you are being given huge subsidY.

Ahsaas Rashan Subsidy

And some people are also taking out the reason that the subsidy is not available. Stay updated that ration subsidy is available for all those whose PMP support is 40 or less but it depends on your nearby Benazir Income Support Program. How the staff of the registered utility store treats you If the staff treats you well and the staff is honest, you will be provided with the same subsidy and with great honest.

As a poster has been published in this regard, you can find the terms and conditions and the price of atoms written in it, but this is Pakistan, here you will be seen by good people. You will not find good people everywhere, so you will face a lot of difficulties to get this subsidy, but those with PMT score less than 40 must go to the utility store with their identity card. You can get this subsidy if you purchase ration up to 2 thousand rupees.

sponsership program in August

Okay, now let’s come to a new update, in this you are getting to hear that the episode of Kafalat program is starting from 25th August to 23rd August, so what is the truth in this? Before receiving the installment, do we have to open the bank account or not? First of all, let us inform you that the installment is not coming on August 22, nor on August 25, but we inform you that there is no installment of the sponsorship program in the month of August. It will be started on September and the banking system has not yet been made mandatory to get this installment. Due to the supervisory government, this installment will be provided under the agent system.

Ahsaas Rashan Subsidy


However, if there is a condition that you will have to open your account in Kuban Bank to get the installment of the sponsorship program, then you can open your account in any bank that falls within the State Bank of Pakistan without any such condition. No, before opening this bank account, you have to go to your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office. After confirming from there, after taking the guidelines, you can go to the relevant bank near you and open your account. It is being told from time to time that you don’t need to worry about this, if this notification comes out before the release of the episode, then we will also give you a date. If the episode starts on August or 25th August, it is wrong

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