Muft Rashan Program start 2023

Hello viewers The Benazir Ration Program has been launched across the country. The most important update will let you know that the government has started giving you the targeted subsidy, how to take it and what is the procedure to apply for it. Complete update. I am going to tell you that the subsidy ration recipients on 5566 are also eligible for this program, the big news is that free ration recipients from 8123 and 8171 are also eligible for this program.

I am going to tell you the most important update. When the episode will be released, I will inform you about my score, so my personal score is 16.25. Let me tell you now, the Agosh program and the Nishwanma program are such programs, Agosh provides financial support of 17 thousand rupees and with it, Benazir Nishnuma provides assistance of 23 thousand rupees for two years.

Along with this, the most important updates will inform you about all the families and households who are eligible under the Benazir Kafalat program. There are about 95 lakh families from across the country. The next installment will be released around September 15.

 According to the most important update of the time, children’s educational scholarships will also be released under Nishwanma Program, Aghosh Program, Hum Kadam Bahamat Senior Program, along with Nishwanma, all the payments of the sponsorship program are still ongoing across the country if you are eligible. You can take payments through your thumb, in the next application you will be able to take payments through your bank account.

This is the way to apply for Ration Program, Utailiity  Store Targeted Subsidy, as you used to apply first on 8171 to join the Benazir Income Support Program, Sponsorship Program, after that, you applied through it through Ghar Ghar Teams. Checked No Eligible Persons Blocked Accounts Especially Benazir Card Blocked .

You can also apply on 8171 and get your number card unblocked otherwise you have to go to your nearest office and apply for utility store ration program. The only thing you have to do is to go to the nearest office and take a survey of the sponsorship program. How to go to hoti store you have to give your id card to them they will check if you are eligible you can check yourself.

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