Rashan Subsidy BISP Update

Dear viewers, Assalam Alaikum, the government has finally come to an end. The government has finally given relief to the people. The ration program has also been restored. How can you qualify yourself for the ration program and a How will they be able to get the ration again? The second payment of Rs. 9000 is being formally started. Its date has also been finalized and there are many people who are ineligible, including the examinees. The error of 938 is still there, so how can you get rid of the error of 938? We will update you with the complete details. The big news of this time is that finally the government of Pakistan has been up-ended and the Prime Minister of the caretaker government has also been updated. The name will be finalized who will be the caretaker.As the Prime Minister goes, the government has also started giving relief to the people, now the series of ration plan has been restored again. Those whose score will reach this point will get ration compulsorily. Even yesterday, a large number of people have received ration. The ration tank was completed but most of the people were ineligible and were under examination. But there were some people who are receiving the error 938 again and again, now they are very worried, what should we do, where to go, how will we get our money, so let us tell you as many people as the error 938. The time is being received, they go to collect money, they don’t get money, they are getting this error, so let us tell you, those women of Benazir Income Support Program who have money in their account but 938 is set on the device, that is BS. Submit your application in P Tehsil Office and your account will be opened.In your tehsil, which is your Benazir Income Support Bram office, you have to take a request to them that this is our error of 938, if our error is opened, then they will open your error somewhere. But you don’t need to go, nor do you need to give money to anyone, nowadays robbers have increased a lot and are also cheating people in the rounds of taking money, so avoid them, go straight to the office and get your 938 error. End while the ration program has also been restored. If you also want to get ration, first of all your score should be less than 40. If your score is less than 40 even up to 33, then you He will get ration subsidy in compulsorily.What should you do for this? You have to go to the utility store. Those who have messaged 55 66. If they did not do it, then do it again. What happened before was that there was a code system and the code was still given to you. You used to get ration but now what is the code system at the utility store has been abolished, now only you will visit with your original ID card, the cure code of your card will be scanned at the utility store which will be messaged. used to receive the code used to receive you that cycle is over now what is it you have to go to the utility store with your ID card the QR code of your ID card will be scanned BSP with less than 40 score Individuals will be subsidized and you can also benefit from this scheme. The second installment of 9 thousand rupees is being started as soon as possible. Its final date is being fixed from 15th to 20th. One will be able to get it from the bank account and the other will be able to get your installment from different retailer shops or devices from where you are sitting.

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